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  Interconnection of peripheral devices on different electronic devices
  Method and apparatus of providing emergency communication services
  Interconnection of peripheral devices on different electronic devices
  Method for creation of device drivers and device objects for peripheral devices
  Virtual smart card to perform security-critical operations
  Method for creation of device drivers and device objects for peripheral devices
  Method for creation of a device driver for a peripheral device
  Method for creation of device drivers and device objects for peripheral devices
  Method for creation of a device driver for a peripheral device
 PressEMO 2007 Hannover : CNC speaks SAP
 PatentsMethod and apparatus of providing emergency communication services
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  Sinumerik 840D SL & 828D OPC UA Driver
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  Fanuc FOCAS 1 2 CD Ver. 4.15
  CNCnetPDM Free Open Source Client
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  Citizen Device Driver
  Release Notes
  Sinumerik 840D OPC DA CLASSIC
  Opc Classic Device Driver
  Sinumerik 840D 828D OPC UA SW 4.5
  Sinumerik 840D 828D OPC UA SW 4.7
  Opc UA Device Driver
  Sinumerik OPC Access
  Machine States
  Sinumerik 840D (NT 4.0 OS ONLY)
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  TNC Device Driver
  Read TNC PLC Data
  Write TNC PLC Data
 Your Device DriverCreate driver with different compilers
ERP IntegrationBending machinesPipe drawing and tube reducing machines
  Pipe manufacturing machines
  Straightening machines for tubes and bars
  Tube Bending machines
  Tube Cut-off machines
 BorersBorers Floor type with travelling column
  Horizontal Borers Table type
  Rectangular Rotary Tables for Borers
  Round Rotary Tables for Borers
 Die casting machinesConventional Furnaces Gas Fuel or Electric
  Die casting machines hot chamber
  Die casting machines cold chamber
  Die Spray Units
  Gravity Die Casting Machines
  Induction Furnaces
  Low Pressure Die Casting Machines
  Metal Dosage Units
  Plastic Injection Moulders
  Take-out Robots
  Trimming Presses
 Drilling machinesBench and Column type drilling machines
  Deep Hole drilling machines Horizontal
  Deep Hole drilling machines Vertical
  Endworking machines single both ends
  Flow drilling machines
  Gang and other drilling machines
  Jig Borers horizontal
  Jig Borers vertical coordinate and fine boring machines
  Longbed radial drilling machines
  Multi Spindle drilling machines
  Portable radial drilling machines
  Portal gantry drilling machines
  Radial drilling machines
  Rapid radial drilling machines
  Tapping and drilling machines
  Turret Head drilling machines
 Erosion machinesDie-sinking spark erosion machines
  Electrochemical machines
  Spark drilling machines Small Hole EDM
  Wire spark erosion machines
 Gear cutting machinesAccessories Parts Tooling
  Bevel Gear Generators Spiral
  Bevel Gear Generators Straight
  Bevel Gear Grinders
  Bevel Gear Lappers
  Bevel Gear Quenching Presses
  Bevel Gear Testers
  Gear Deburring Machines
  Gear Grinders
  Gear Hardening Machines
  Gear Honing Machines
  Gear Planers
  Gear Shapers
  Gear Shaving Machines
  Gear Tester Combination
  Gear Tester Lead
  Gear Tester Rolling Compos-
  Gear Testers CNC
  Gear Tool Grinders and Sharpeners
  Gear Tooth Chamfering Pointing and Rounding Machines
  Gearbroaching Machines
  Horizontal Gear Hobbers
  Involute Testers
  Other Gear Machinery
  Pitch Testers
  Profile Grinders
  Rack Millers
  Sound and Noise Testers
  Spline Millers
  Spline Rollers
  Vertical Gear Hobbers
 GrindersCenterless Grinders
  Cylindrical Grinders
  Double column grinding machines
  Double Rotary table grinders
  Double sided grinders
  Internal Grinders
  Jig Grinders vertical
  Roll and Heavy Duty Cylindrical Grinders
  Rotary table surface grinders with horizontal spindle
  Rotary table surface grinders with vertical spindle
  Surface Grinders with horizontal spindle
  Surface Grinders with vertical spindle
 Grinding and honing machinesAbrasive Band Grinding Machines
  Centerless Polishing Machines
  Centre hole and valve Grinders
  Crankshaft and camshaft Grinders
  Deburring machines
  Double grinding wheel machine
  Honing Machines horizontal
  Honing machines vertical
  Lapping machines
  Polishing Vibrators and Tumbling Drums
  Polishing Automatic Machines
  Polishing machines single double
 HammersAir- and magnetic Drop Hammers
  Cold- and hot forging rolls
  Die-forging hammers
 LathesCentre lathes
  Chucking lathes single double
  CNC lathes 3 axes
  CNC lathes 4 or more axes
  CNC-lathes 2-axes
  Copying Lathes
  Facing Lathes
  Heavy duty lathes
  Horizontal turning and machining centers
  Multispindle bar automatics
  Multispindle chucking automatics
  Other turning Machines
  Precision tool room lathes
  Slidinghead automatics
  Spindle automatics
  Teach-In lathes
  Turret lathes Capstan and turret automatics
  Vertical borer double column
  Vertical borer single column
  Vertical turning machines
 Machining centers5 Sides Machining centres Vert Hor
  Drilling and Milling Centers
  Gantry Type Machining Centres
  High Speed Machining Centers HSC
  Long Bed Machining Centers
  Machining Centers Horizontal
  Machining Centers Vertical
  Transfer machines in one line
  Transfer machines in one unit
 Measuring machinesBalancing machines
  Calibrating gauge setting attachment for cutting- and clamping tools
  Gear and bevel gear measuring and testing machines
  Gear Tester Combination
  Hardness testers
  Height measuring and probe gauge with electronical reading
  Horizontal Digitizing and Coordinating Measuring machines
  Laser interferometry
  Measuring Cylinders Parallels- and Squares
  Profileprojectors and measuring Microscope
  Roundness shaft and production measuring equipment
  Surface- and die spotting plates
  Surface roughness measuring equipment
  Tension and pressure testing gauge
  Vertical Digitizing and Coordinating Measuring machines
 Milling machinesBed milling machines moving column
  Bed milling machines moving table
  Crankshaft and Cam milling machines
  Duplex milling machines
  Engraving and Copy milling machines
  Facing and Centring machines
  Horizontal milling machines
  Other and special purpose milling machines
  Portal and Gantry milling machines
  Production and Keyway milling machines
  Toolroom tool die milling machines
  Universal milling machines knee type
  Vertical milling machines
  Vertical turret mills
 Presses hydraulicCar body Drawing Presses double action
  Cold Flow Forming Presses
  Column Single Action Presses
  Die Spotting Presses
  Extrusion Presses
  Fast-Stroking Blanking Presses
  Fine Blanking Presses
  Forging Presses
  Garage Presses
  H-frame Drawing Presses
  H-frame Presses
  H-Frame Straightening Presses
  Horizontal Bending Presses Bulldozers
  Horizontal Presses
  Open Gap Bench Presses
  Open Gap Presses
  Open Gap Straightening Presses
  Open-Gap Drawing Presses
  Other Hydraulic Presses
  Percussion Presses
  Shipbuilding Presses
  Transfer Presses
 Presses mechanicalBench eccentric presses
  Car Body Presses
  Coining Presses
  Double Action Double Sided Presses
  Fly Presses with Electro Mechanical Drive
  Fly Presses with Friction Drive
  Forging Presses
  Handoperated Lever Presses
  Handoperated Spindle Presses
  H-Frame Crank Presses
  H-frame eccentric presses
  H-Frame Multiple-Die Presses
  H-Frame Toggle Lever Presses
  H-Frame Toggle Lever Presses for Cold Flow Solid Forming
  High speed Punching machines
  Knuckle Joint Presses 2 or 4 columns
  Open Gap Crank Presses
  Open gap eccentric presses
  Other Crank Presses
  Other Eccentric presses
  Other Knuckle Joint Presses
  Perforating Presses
  Pneumatic Presses
  Riveting machines
  Single action double sided presses
  Transfer Presses 2-4 columns
 RobotsBar feeders and Bar loading magazines
  Coilers and decoilers
  Column and Boom Manipulators
  Conventional Rotators
  Conveyor feed systems loading and unloading
  Feed handling system by inlay
  Robots loading and unloading
  Robots welding and painting gun
  Self Aligning Rotators
  Welding positioners
 Sawing and filing machinesBand Sawing Machines Horizontal
  Band Sawing Machines Vertical
  Circular Sawing Machines
  Cutting Off Machines by grinding
  Filing Machines
  Hack Saws
  Non Ferrous Circular Sawing Machines
 Shaping and slotting machinesBroaching machines Horizontal
  Broaching machines Vertical
  Keyseating machines
  Planer single or double columns
  Plate edge planers
  Shaping machines
  Slotting machines
 ShearsAlligator Shears
  Corner Notcher Hydraulic
  Corner Notchers Mechanical
  Guillotine Shears Hand operated
  Guillotine Shears Hydraulic
  Guillotine Shears Mechanical
  Rotary Shears
  Sheet metal gang slitting line
  Shrinker Metal Former
  Table Shears
  Trimming machines
  Universal Ironworker
  Universal Sheet Metalworker
 Sheet Metalforming machinesBending Rolls Hand operated
  Bending Rolls Hydraulic operated
  Bending Rolls Mechanical operated
  Coiler straightening machines
  Combined punch and plasma cutting lines
  Combined punching and laser cutting machines
  Folding machines Hydraulic
  Folding machines Manual
  Folding Machines Mechanical
  Gas cutting machines
  Hand operated Swager
  Laser Cutting Machines
  Laser systems for Welding
  Levelling Rolls and De-Coiling Stand
  Mechanical driving Swager machines
  Plasma Cutting machines
  Press Brakes Hydraulic
  Press Brakes Mechanical
  Profiling Lines
  Punch Copying machines Hydraulic
  Punch Copying machines Mechanical
  Section Benders Horizontal
  Section Benders Vertical
  Sheet centres for punching bending and cutting
  Sheet-straightening machines
  Spinning machines
  Turret Punch machines
  Water jet cutting systems
 Surface treatment machinesAqueous Dunk Wash
  Aqueous Front Loading
  Aqueous Precision Cleaning
  Aqueous Top Loading
  Automatic Polishing Machines
  Blasting and Extraction
  Blasting machines continuous automatic
  Bowl Vibrators
  Component Driers
  Cooling Equipment
  Drying ovens 200-400 C
  Drying ovens 400-800 C
  Drying ovens up to 200 C
  Dust Extraction - Dry
  Fume Extraction
  Furnaces 1050-1500 C
  Mechanical Polishing Machinery
  Ovens and Furnaces
  Process Cooling
  Regulating Transformers
  Solvent Precision Cleaning
  Suction Venturi Machines
  Surface Treatment Plant and Machinery
  Tub Vibrators
  Water Treatment and Filtration Plant
  Wet Blast Machines
  Wheel Blast Machines
 Thread and worm machinesThread and Worm Cutting Machines
  Thread and Worm Grinders
  Thread and Worm Millers
  Thread Rolling machines
 Tool grinding machinesBroaching tool sharpening machines
  Chisel tool grinding machines
  Knife grinding machines
  Milling cutter grinding machines
  Optical Profile Grinding Lapping Machines
  Sawblade grinding machines
  Tap grinding machines
  Tool grinding machines
  Twist drill grinding machines
 Wire machinesWire bending and forming machines
  Wire crimping machines
  Wire drawing machines
  Wire netting and weaving machines
  Wire straightening and cutting-off machines
  Wiring and spring coiling machines
Oracle Manufacturing Operations CenterDescriptionOverview
  Data Sheet
  Production Supervisor
  Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE
  Production Loss Analysis
  Equipment Downtime Analysis
  Production Slippage Trend
  Equipment Idle Time Reasons
  Equipment Efficiency Analysis
  Equipment Scrap Analysis
  Batch Performance
  Production Performance
Fanuc Focas LibraryGeneralFwlib32
SupportMitsubishi M70 CommandsOverview
  Absolute position detection data
  Absolute position parameter
  Anshin-net 1
  Anshin-net 2
  Anshin-net I_F
  Auxiliary axis control
  Auxiliary axis drive unit monitor
  Axis parameter
  Axis parameter for auxiliary axis
  Axis status
  Background check
  Base parameter
  Bit selection
  Buffer correction
  CC-Link parameter Base
  CC-Link parameter Station information
  CNC information
  Common variable By each part system 100
  Common variable Common between part systems 500
  Computer Link parameter
  Coordinate system offset Extended workpiece coordinate
  Coordinate system offset Local coordinate
  Coordinate system offset Other coordinate system
  Coordinate system offset Workpiece coordinate
  Cumulative time
  Ethernet parameter
  F modal
  File information
  G modal
  Hardware configuration
  Input_Output parameter
  Key history
  Ladder interface Common
  Life management data
  Life management information
  Local variable
  Machine error compensation parameter
  Macro list
  MSTB execution status
  MSTB modal
  Open parameter1 long
  Open parameter2 double
  Operation parameter
  Operation status
  PLC axis indexing parameter
  PLC constant
  PLC counter
  PLC device bit
  PLC device char
  PLC device long
  PLC device word
  PLC forced output
  PLC switch
  PLC timer
  Position switch
  Power supply monitor
  Program execution status
  Program tree
  Program tree for graphic check
  Rererence position return parameter
  Rotary axis configuration parameter
  Sampling parameter
  Servo monitor
  Servo parameter
  Software configuration
  Speed information
  Spindle analog adjustment
  Spindle information
  Spindle monitor
  Spindle parameter
  Spindle specification parameter
  Symbol Sub-section
  Synchronization error monitor
  Tool compensation by each part system Type 1
  Tool compensation by each part system Type 2
  Tool compensation by each part system Type 3
  Tool management data
  Tool measurement
  Tool registration
 Citizen Mitsubishi CommandsOverview
  Axis independent parameter
  Axis status
  Buffer correction
  Data on alarm
  Data on arbitrary axis superposition
  Data on current NC program and running status
  Data on date time etc
  Data on forced output of device
  Data on I F of super option
  Data on M S T B function
  Data on Machine Para Open I F
  Data on machine specification
  Data on memory read write
  Data on message notification
  Data on PLC switch load meter display
  Data on position switch
  Data on power supply monitor servo axis main axis
  Data on program correction I F in program check
  Data on servo axis name position state etc
  Data on servo monitor servo axis
  Data on servo monitor spindle type servo
  Data on super option
  Data on tool life management Lifetime management method I II
  Data on tool offset
  Data on tuning of NC specification
  Data on variable
  Data on waveform display screen
  Data on work offset
  Data related to auxiliary axis J2CT control
  Data relating to auxiliary axis J2CT monitor
  Data relating to spindle monitor including spindle type servo
  Data relating to the operating state etc of the spindle
  Driving state
  Event I F
  Key history data
  Local variable screen invalid state macro
  M600L compatible I F for Citizens group
  MELDAS NET failure diagnosis information
  MELDAS diagnostic data
  Memory Read Write
  NC system information acquired
  NC system information setting
  Operation mode
  Option check macro for acquisition
  Option check macro for setting
  Parameter access level
  PLC device
  PLC message information macro
  Simulation I F
  Sub system information acquisition macro
  System common alarm information acquisition macro
  System independent alarm information acquisition macro