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Reads the specified node information of the HSSB.

MTConnect Fanuc Adapter

Universal Fanuc Driver

Fanuc Focas Library CD


#include "fwlib32.h" or "fwlib64.h"

FWLIBAPI short WINAPI cnc_rdnodeinfo( long node_no, ODBNODE *info );


node_no   [ in ]

Specify the node number. (0,..,<maximum node number>)
Maximum node number is 'the number of node - 1'.
(The number of node is got by using cnc_rdnodenum function.)

info   [ out ]

Pointer to the ODBNODE structure including the node information.

The ODBNODE structure is as follows.

typedef struct odbnode {
    long  node_no;      /* Node number */
    long  io_base;      /* Base address of I/O port */
    long  status;       /* Status of device installation */
    long  cnc_type;     /* Type of CNC */
    char  node_name[20];/* Node name */
    Specified node number is set.
    Base address of I/O port of specified node is set.
    Status of device installation of specified node is set.
    0 : Not installed
    1 : Installed
    Type of CNC is set.
    1 : Series 16/18/21, 16i/18i/21i
    2 : Series 15
    3 : Power Mate
    4 : Power Mate i
    5 : Series 16i/18i-W
    6 : Series 15i
    7 : Series 0i-A
    8 : Series 0i-B
    9 : Series 30i/31i/32i, Series 0i-D/F, PMi-A
    Node name is set.
    Node name is up to 20 characters including 'NULL'.


EW_OK is returned on successful completion, otherwise any value except EW_OK is returned.

The major error codes are as follows.

Return code Meaning/Error handling
Access failure to the device driver
The device driver for HSSB multi-connection is not installed.
Node number(node_no) is wrong.

As for the other return codes or the details, see "Return status of Data window function"

CNC option

The extended driver/library function is necessary.

CNC parameter

This function is not related to CNC parameter.

CNC mode

This function can be used in any CNC mode.

Available CNC

0i-A 0i-B/C(Note) 0i-D 0i-F 15 15i 16 18 21 16i-A 18i-A 21i-A 16i-B 18i-B 21i-B 30i-A 30i-B
M (Machining)H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H
T (Turning) H H H H H - H H H H H H H H H H H
LC (Loader) - - - - - - H H H H H H H H H - -

P (Punch press)H H H H - H
L (Laser) - - H - - H
W (Wire) - - H H H H

Power Mate i-DH
Power Mate i-HH
Power Motion i-AH

"O" : Both Ethernet and HSSB
"E" : Ethernet
"H" : HSSB
"X" : Cannot be used
"-" : None

Note) 0i-C does not support the HSSB function.

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Modified: 2018-06-11