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CNC: Function Reference related to library handle, node

Function Name Brief description
cnc_rdnodenum Read the number of node
cnc_rdnodeinfo Read the information of node
cnc_setdefnode Set the default node number
cnc_allclibhndl Allocate library handle
cnc_allclibhndl2 Allocate the library handle(for multi-connection)
cnc_allclibhndl3 Get the library handle(for Ethernet)
cnc_freelibhndl Free library handle
cnc_settimeout Set timeout interval
cnc_getlibopt Get a library option
cnc_setlibopt Set a library option

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Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_allclibhndl

Allocates the library handle which is used by the Data window library.... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_allclibhndl2

Allocates the library handle to the specified node number.... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_allclibhndl3

Allocates the library handle and connects to CNC that has the specified IP address or the Host Name. Before executing this function,... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_freelibhndl

Frees the library handle which was used by the Data window library.... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_getlibopt

Reads the current status of FOCAS2 library's optional specifications. The readable... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_rdnodeinfo

Reads the specified node information of the HSSB.... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_rdnodenum

Reads the number of node of the HSSB.... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_setdefnode

Sets the default node number which is allocated by... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_setlibopt

Changes FOCAS2 library's optional specifications dynamically. The changeable options are... [read more]

Fanuc Focas Library | Handle | cnc_settimeout

Changes timeout value, which is specified at allocating the library handle.... [read more]
Modified: 2018-06-11