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Starts reading the servo learning data of the axis specified by "axis".

After this function is executed, the data is stored in the I/F buffer in CNC. Get the operation data in data buffer by using the cnc_svdtrddata function.

In 30i/31i/32i, same I/F as the uploading and downloading is used. So, this function cannot be executed during the uploading and downloading.

The procedure to read the data is shown as follows.

* Please refer to "Self-learning control operation manual" for the handling of the servo learning data.

MTConnect Fanuc Adapter

Universal Fanuc Driver

Fanuc Focas Library CD


#include "fwlib32.h" or "fwlib64.h"

FWLIBAPI short WINAPI cnc_svdtstartrd(unsigned short FlibHndl,short axis);

Arguments : HSSB

FlibHndl   [ in ]

Specify the library handle. See "Library handle" for details.

axis   [ in ]
  • Series 16/18, 16i/18i
    • Specify axis number to read. Range of the data are from 1 to n.
      (n : number of controlled axis)
  • Series 30i/31i/32i
    • Specify all axes(-1). (Each axis cannot be specified.)


    EW_OK is returned on successful completion, otherwise any value except EW_OK is returned.

    The major error codes are as follows.

    Return code Meaning/Error handling
    Busy(30i/31i/32i only)
    The uploading or downloading function is executing.
    data attribute error
    The specification of axis number(axis) is improper.
    no option
    Learning control and Memory expension for learning control or Learning control for parts cutting and the extended driver/library function are necessary.
    The servo learning data during reading/writing.

    As for the other return codes or the details, see "Return status of Data window function"

    CNC option

    This function need the following CNC option.

    • Series 16/18, 16i/18i
    • "Learning control" and "Memory expension for learning control".
    • Series 30i/31i/32i
    • "Learning control" and "Memory expension for learning control", or "Learning control for parts cutting". "Learning control" and "Memory expension for learning control", or "Learning control for parts cutting".

    For HSSB connection,

      The extended driver/library function is necessary.

    CNC parameter

    This function is not related to CNC parameter.

    CNC mode

    This function can be used in any CNC mode.

    Available CNC

    0i-A 0i-B/C(Note) 0i-D 0i-F 15 15i 16 18 21 16i-A 18i-A 21i-A 16i-B 18i-B 21i-B 30i-A 30i-B
    M (Machining)X X X X X X H H X H H X H H X H H
    T (Turning) X X X X X - H H X H H X H H X H H
    LC (Loader) - - - - - - X X X X X X X X X - -

    P (Punch press)X X X X - X
    L (Laser) - - X - - X
    W (Wire) - - X X X X

    Power Mate i-DX
    Power Mate i-HX
    Power Motion i-AX

    "O" : Both Ethernet and HSSB
    "E" : Ethernet
    "H" : HSSB
    "X" : Cannot be used
    "-" : None

    Note) 0i-C does not support the HSSB function.

    See Also

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    Modified: 2018-06-11