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Release Notes tell you what’s new in CNCnetPDM. As always, we welcome your feedback.
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Version (1/15/2018)

We released an updated version of CNCnetPDM with some major changes and enhancements.


CNCnetPDM now supports sampling rates down to 1 second. To simplify configuration we removed all legacy entries from CNCnetPDM.ini.


For just monitoring all actual data from devices this module now supports updating the new table MTH_ONLINE_DATA that just keeps the most recent data of each device. Setup instructions for MS SQL Server. Instructions for Oracle, MySQL and MariaDB databases. As we’d like to enable you to decide what to write we introduced 2 new entries in section [Connect] of CNCnetPDM.ini, WriteRawData (default = 1) and WriteOnlineData (default = 0). To decide what to use you can add these two entries manually to existing setups, for a new installation these items are added automatically.


This module now also supports ultra-short sampling rates. As initialization of a controller connection may take some (older Mitsubishis: up to 60 seconds) we had to add a new entry to section [GENERAL] of CNCnetPDM.ini that controls the frequency for CNCnetPDM to try to re-establish communication with the controller if communication is lost. The name of the entry is called ReconnectAfter = 2 (default). If you set PollInterval = 30 it’s ok to use 2 as there’s 60 seconds to establish communication. If you use ultra-short polling rates please use a number for ReconnectAfter that is high enough for your controller (e.g. 10). This driver now also provides improved functions to cleanup handles and free memory if connection gets lost (required for Heidenhain device driver!). For an existing setup you can add this entry manually.

Version (8/20/2017)

This release contains useful new features and major improvements.


As this version doesn’t contain a preconfigured INI file you don’t have to worry about overwriting your existing configurations. If there is no CNCnetPDM.ini file it is automatically generated with reasonable default values.

Newly created INI files contain descriptions for all settings.

The maximum size (in MB) of offline files can now be adjusted by entry SIZE = in section [Offline] of the INI file. When this size is reached CNCnetPDM automatically creates an additional file.

You can now switch the output of each item acquired by device drivers to section 1,2 or 3. This enables you to build groups of items and place long values (e.g. axis data) into an own group.


On first startup CNCnetPDM adds entry ‘StartOffline = 1’ to section [Connect] of the INI file. With this entry set to 1 CNCnetPDM doesn’t try to connect to a database on startup, all data goes to a text file in the offline directory. In this mode you can manually connect to the database with CNCnetControl. If you set this entry to 0 CNCnetPDM automatically tries to open the database connection on startup.


Device driver DLLs are now automatically created with the machine number added to the DLL, e.g. Fanuc_1000.dll for machine 1000 as sequential numbering caused problems when machines were commented out.

This module now also checks for existent and valid device drivers and writes the results to the log file of the device.

Error reporting from device drivers and its underlying components is now fully supported. For example, if your Fanuc FOCAS call returns a manufacturer specific error like EW_PROTOCOL it is translated into ‘Protocol error’ and written to the log file of the device. This allows you to quickly find out errors or switch off unsupported functions via the device driver INI file.


Version (6/8/2017)

This service release fixes some issues experienced by users when CNCnetPDM is used without a database or in case the database connection gets lost. Security and stability improvements were also applied.


Incomplete, garbled messages that sometimes (esp. under Windows XP) led to crashes are automatically detected and filtered out.


Database connectivity components were redesigned. Message fragments are now automatically filtered out. Occasional crashes when closing the programs are resolved.


Message fragments are now automatically filtered out.

Note: To update an existent setup of CNCnetPDM you just have to stop the service, replace the files in the setup directory of CNCnetPDM with the 3 files listed above from the zip archive and restart the service.


Version (4/23/2017)

See also: Details about the changes in version


All default tag names are shorter now e.g. STATUS instead of STATUS.CNCNETPDM. In section [ERP] new entry Changeddataonly = 0 is automatically added when CNCnetPDM is started. If this entry is set to 0 ALL item values are output on every reading cycle. If set to 1 all items values are output on the first reading cycle, subsequent readings only output item values that have changed since last reading.


The database table for raw tag data has changed from MTH_TAG_READINGS_RAW to MTH_RAW_DATA (Both MS SQL Server and Oracle). Output records are now automatically generated by processing incoming telegrams that contain multiple tag names (TAG_CODE) and tag values (TAG_DATA).


This device driver now outputs data with multiple tag names and random values in single telegrams. If CollectOrders is set to 1 in CNCnetPDM.ini (Section [GENERAL]) more details about controller mode, NC program, feed rate, spindle speed aso. is output. With CollectFeeder = 1 axis data is also output. Tag output can now be dynamically activated/deactivated on a per machine basis by using an own ini file for every machine. Tag names can be freely defined per machine. The functionality is similar to the most recent driver for real machines with Fanuc controllers, fanucext.dll.


If entry Simulation in section [GENERAL] is set to 1 in CNCnetPDM.ini output of random data is no more delimited with pipe '|' symbols as this would lead to generation of wrong tag names by erpinterface.dll.


Version (2/18/2017)


Various performance improvements were applied.

Message buffers:
The maximum number of messages allowed to wait for processing can now be adjusted via the entry VERBUCHUNG in section [Hochwasser] of CNCnetPDM.ini (e.g. VERBUCHUNG = 100). If this limit is reached messages are written to an offline file. On lower deviation of this value CNCnetPDM automatically switches back to online processing. This is very useful if a database occasionally slows down due to high traffic.

Offline files
The maximum size of offline files can now be adjusted by the entry SIZE in section [Offline] of CNCnetPDM.ini. If not present it is automatically created with value 1 (= 1 MB). If this limit is reached CNCnetPDM creates a new offline file.


Device state:
Detection of state switched on / off was modified to work correctly for devices that do not have a DNS Host record if UseDNS is set to 0 in CNCnetPDM.ini.

Message length:
The maximum length of each message was increased from 89 to 255 characters.

Machine dll files:
Incorrect duplication of individual device driver dll files when starting and stopping CNCnetPDM as a thread was fixed.


Reconnect behavior was improved if high values (> 100) are set for entry ReconnectAfter in section [Connect] of CNCnetPDM.ini.


A buffering problem was fixed that led to occasional crashes on startup when a high number of machines and messages per device are configured.


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