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The CNCnetPDM MTConnect Adapter provides a powerful Application Program Interface (API) that enables bidirectional communication between manufacturing devices connected to CNCnetPDM and your applications or any MTConnect compatible program such as the Standard MTConnect Agent.



  • Allows you to directly access and read machine data from within your applications in near real time
  • Enables to control your equipment by setting or changing parameters or variables
  • You can ‘tag’ devices with operational data (work-order, operation and/or part number) and deliver it together with device data
  • Provides functionality to switch on/off controller communication and set active shifts for your machines


The CNCnetPDM MTConnect Adapter enables you to:

  • Acquire data simultaneously from multiple machines by using a single adapter
  • Mix controllers from different manufacturers within a single adapter
  • Eliminate the need to install third party adapter programs at the controllers
  • Control different device types by your applications by using standardized commands
  • Adapt all output items and tag tames on a per-machine basis according to your needs
  • Standardize MTConnect Agent configuration
  • Avoid hardcoded MTConnect adapter output delivered by machine or software vendors
  • Output data from multiple devices to a single agent
  • Reduce costs for implementation and maintenance by using one solution for all devices




Program type

Windows Socket Server

Number of devices

Up to 54 per adapter (multiple adapters can run on a single PC)

Number of clients

Up to 54 per adapter


Compatible programs

Open Source C# Windows Socket Client

Standard MTConnect Agent (Version 1.3 or 1.4) or MTConnect compatible applications

CNCnetPDM MTConnect Agent Tester



Configurable Fanuc device driver

Fanuc device driver development kit


Siemens Sinumerik OPC Classic device driver

Siemens Sinumerik OPC Classic Alarm & Events driver

OPC Standard UA device driver


Heidenhain TNC/iTNC device driver



Haas device driver for Standard and NGC controls

Haas device driver for NGC controls with MTConnect Adapter


Mazak Mazatrol device driver


Okuma OSP-P device driver


Mitsubishi Standard CNC device driver

Mitsubishi Citizen device driver

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Device driver for PLCs from different manufacturers

Controllers with OPC UA Server

OPC Standard UA device driver

Controllers with MTConnect Adapter

CNCnetPDM MTConnect device driver

Conventional Machines

MTConnect retrofit solution

Other manufacturers

See: Adaptable controllers

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Modified: 2023-07-05