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If you don’t want to go through all the steps described in the user manual and you know what you’re doing simply follow the steps below to have CNCnetPDM up and running in a few minutes:

  1. Download and extract ALL files to a folder of your choice. Please do NOT use folders ‘Program Files’ or ‘Program Files (x86)’.
  2. Double click on CNCnetPDM, click on [Start Thread] to start CNCnetPDM as a foreground program. Click [Close].
  3. Configuration file CNCnetPDM.ini (automatically created on first startup) is setup to find devices by their IP-Addresses (UseDNS = 0), change that to 1 if you’d like to use DNS Hostnames.
  4. In section [RS232] of CNCnetPDM.ini one device is configured:

    1 = 1000;19200;8;N;1;TEST #1;;0;0;localhost;0;0;none;none;0;device.dll

    Means, CNCnetPDM uses your PC as remote device also ( and localhost), device driver is device.dll
  5. This simulation driver tries to reach the device and, if successful, creates random values for all items (similar to the Fanuc device driver).
  6. To create an additional device copy the first line, change the sequential number of the device (1), assign a new device number (2) and name (3). Change IP-Address (4) and/or DNS Hostname (6). For some device drivers port (5) has to be changed if you query your device via Ethernet on a specific port, (e.g. 8193 = Fanuc FOCAS default). If you query part counter values from Fanuc controllers change the number in PLC Addr. (7), here 6711 a Fanuc FOCAS parameter is used.
    If you’re using one of the controller specific device drivers change device.dll to the name of the driver, here fanucconf.dll (8).

CNCnetPDM: Add additional device

FIG 1: Add an additional device
  1. Optional: Repeat step 6 for additional devices.
  2. For a new installation CNCnetPDM automatically creates entry StartOffline = 1 in section [connect] of the INI file. In this mode the program writes all acquired data to files in subfolder \offline and doesn’t try to establish a database connection.
  3. Start CNCnetPDM again (see 3.) and double click CNCnetControl, the GUI shows your connected devices on the left (1) and the incoming data on the right (2)

GUI CNCnetControl

FIG 2: CNCnetControl GUI

You’re done!


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Modified: 2020-06-22