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CNCnetPDM User manual


Version User Manual | Here you can find everything you need to install, setup and configure CNCnetPDM for your needs.

User Manual

Technical Support

Edition: 5/2020
Product: CNCnetPDM Ver.
Part N°: 00001400


Inventcom | Nordendstrasse 55
DE 80801 Munich | Germany
Phone: ++49 [0] 89 121903-19
Fax: ++49 [0] 89 121903-21


This documentation only describes the functionality of the standard version. Extensions or changes made by a manufacturer of a controller, machine or software solution are documented by the respective manufacturer. Other functions not described in this documentation might be executable by CNCnetPDM. However, this does not imply an obligation to supply such functions with the program or when servicing. Further, for the sake of simplicity, this documentation does not contain all detailed information about all types of the product and cannot cover every conceivable case of installation, operation or maintenance.

Copyright© Inventcom, 2020



MTConnect Adapter

Database related



CNCnetPDM is a standard program that allows you to connect devices from different manufacturers with your existing IT infrastructure without the need for additional hardware or modifications of the devices.


  • Connects highly diverse devices to all of your applications
  • Reads and writes data from or to those devices
  • Translates manufacturer specific protocols into standardized, comparable information
  • Provides a fully MTConnect (1.3, 1.4, 1.5) compliant API and a C# Open-Source interface that enable your application to interact with CNCnetPDM
  • Outputs data in understandable form to your existent solutions from MES/ERP to IoT and Big Data and everything in between
  • Works with a single communication server, a single namespace and a single set of diagnostics

CNCnetPDM's proven high reliability and ease of use ensures the software can be installed quickly and operate flawlessly TOP




Type of program

Foreground program or background-service

Number of devices

58 per program or background service - instance, multiple instances can run simultaneously on one server

Operation modes

Solicited messaging: Reads or writes data in adjustable intervals
Unsolicited messaging: Reads or writes data based on events


Attachable graphical interface (GUI) CNCnetControl for monitoring and configuration



Operating system

All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems from XP to Server 2016 (32 and 64 Bit)

Required memory

Typically max. 50 MB RAM per CNCnetPDM server-instance (depends on number of devices and device driver type)

Software APIs

Windows Socket (Winsock) Server, MTConnect Standard compliant, Open-Source interface C#

Database support

Oracle 11g - 12c
MS SQL Server 2008 - 2016

MySQL - MariaDB >= Ver. 5.5

Communication interface

Access to communication interface used by the device



Communication interface

Any communication interface accessible by an external IT device for example:
Bluetooth, USB, Serial Interface, Ethernet or manufacturer specific network- or bus-systems*


*Optionally intermediate devices like Programmable-Logical-Controllers can be used



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Modified: 2020-05-26