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This section shows the steps to install and start CNCnetPDM as a background service.

CNCnetPDM is able to and, in a production environment, usually runs as a windows background service. To install and start the service proceed as follows.

If you simply double click CNCnetPDM.exe and click on button ‘Install’ in section ‘Service’ an additional dialog with various service parameters opens. However, if you click on ok on most recent MS Windows Operating Systems you most likely will see a popup window with an ‘Access is denied’ message. This is because your user account does not have the appropriate rights to install a background service.

If you open CNCnetPDM.exe with elevated privileges (e.g. by right click + ‘Run as Administrator’) you are able to perform the necessary steps. Clicking on button ‘Install’ opens the following dialog:

Install dialog

FIG 1:    Service install dialog of CNCnetPDM

Service name is CNCnetPDM (1), no instance is defined (for details see Working with instances). By clicking the button right of field file name (2) you could select and use a different file name and folder for the service, usually not necessary. Checking Automatic startup (3) causes the service to automatically start when the PC is turned on which should be checked in a production environment. If checked you can also select a service (4) that has to be started before CNCnetPDM starts (e.g. your database). Interactive only has to be checked when the service has to receive and send Windows Messages (e.g. legacy NETDDE), usually this is not necessary. TOP

Section ‘Service Account’ contains information about the user account the service runs under. If nothing is entered here the service runs under the ‘Local System’ account which is default for most Windows background services. Enter information here only if you’d like to run the service under a different account. Please note that this account has to have the appropriate permissions to run a service. Usually no data has to be entered here.

Clicking on button Ok installs CNCnetPDM as a background service on your PC and the install dialog is closed. Now button ‘Start’ in section ‘Service’ of the main dialog gets active. Clicking on this button starts the background service. You can verify that by opening services (command line: services.msc) on your PC:

Installed background service (SCM)

FIG 2:    Installed Windows Background Service CNCnetPDM

By clicking on buttons ‘Stop’ or ‘Uninstall’ in the main dialog of CNCnetPDM you can stop or uninstall the service. TOP

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