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According to the items selected for data acquisition in CNCnetPDM.ini the right lower pane shows incoming data (1) from the devices.

If all collectable items are selected output may look as follows. In general the format for device output is Device number 4-digits, date and time, event type, data and group id. Group id is always identical for multiple items acquired in one cycle.

Device data in CNCnetControl

FIG 1:  Monitoring of device data in CNCnetControl
  • 1000 10/11/2016 05:50:02 PM E 5 10000000195
    (E) = Device state (numeric): 0 = disconnected, 1 = connected but not sending data (half alive), 2 = running, 3 = in manual mode, 4 = operation interrupted, 5 = faulted

  • 1000 10/11/2016 05:50:02 PM Z 0 10000000195
    (Z) = Part counter value (numeric), either difference to the last value read or value sent by the device.

  • 1000 10/11/2016 05:50:02 PM A -387.28 1849.12 3374.43 6158.94 9542.22  10000000195
    In case a single value is received (A) = Data from a single item found in section 2 output of your device driver. If multiple values delimited with pipe symbols are received CNCnetPDM automatically creates a record for every TAG_CODE and TAG_DATA pair.

  • 1000 10/11/2016 05:50:02 PM O 477130 10000000195
    (O) = Data received via section 1 of your device driver. If multiple values delimited by a pipe symbol ‘|’ are found CNCnetPDM creates multiple records.

  • 1000 10/11/2016 05:50:02 PM F -387 1849 3374 6159  10000000195
    (F) = Data received via section 3 of your device driver. If multiple values delimited by a pipe symbol ‘|’ are found CNCnetPDM again creates multiple record TOP

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Modified: 2018-01-12