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If the currently selected program, service or instance of CNCnetPDM is connected to a database you see an animated green traffic light icon in section ‘Database’ followed by the text ‘Connection to database succeeded’ (1). In this case button ‘Close’ (2) gets activated.

Close / open database connection (CNCnetControl)

FIG 1:  Close / open database connection in CNCnetControl

If you click on button ‘Close’ CNCnetPDM closes the connection to your database and writes all acquired data to the offline-text-file specified in CNCnetPDM.ini. The icon changes to yellow followed by text ‘Set offline’. This feature is very useful for scheduled database management tasks that require database downtime.

If the database connection is closed button ‘Open’ gets activated. Clicking on this button again tries to establish a connection to your database. If successful the icon again changes to green.

If CNCnet PDM cannot establish a connection to your database the color of the icon changes to red followed by an error message. CNCnetPDM then tries to automatically reconnect to your database after the number of seconds specified in CNCnetPDM.ini, section [Connect] -> ReconnectAfter = number of seconds

In case your database is up again you can send the data previously written to the offline-text-file to your database by clicking on button ‘Process’ (3). A dialog opens and shows which offline-text-file is written to the database. TOP

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Modified: 2018-01-12