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CNCnetPDM enables to automatically acquire machine- process- and quality data from a wide range of shop floor devices in near real time, transform this information into homogenous, comparable data packets and analyze it with existing MES, ERP or IT solutions. It also allows to control equipment by it's ability to translate standardized data input into commands understandable by the specific device.

  • On the machine-side CNCnetPDM provides connectivity to controllers of all well-known manufacturers.
  • CNCnetPDM works with configurable device drivers that can be easily adapted.
  • Collection of data is performed by using the existent communication interface of the machine. Additional hardware or changes of the controller’s programming are not required.
  • On the IT side CNCnetPDM supports solutions that are based on OPC UA, MTConnect or Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB databases.


CNCnetPDM helps with enforcement of measures to increase transparency, efficiency and productivity of the shop floor by delivering economically and technically relevant information of machinery in a standardized, comparable form to enterprise information systems. This includes:

  • Machine-states, part counts, work-orders, quality and process data.

In the background this data is automatically transmitted to IT systems and allows analyses of

  • Run-time, effective production time, setup-, idle- and downtime of the machines per time period or work order.
  • Produced quantity, cycle time and various process parameters like spindle-speed. Information about tool usage can be collected and analyzed as well.
  • CNCnetPDM also delivers, almost in real time, an overview of the actual state of all connected devices.

In addition to the determination of the effective costs of work-orders or a parts CNCnetPDM also collects all necessary data to identify cost drivers like excessive tool wear or unscheduled downtimes.


By using CNCnetPDM IT Professionals are able to deliver the solution desired by their customer without the need to occupy themself with machine controllers or development of interfaces to multiple machine-manufacturer specific solutions.

  • CNCnetPDM delivers the data needed for an IT solution in a homogenous form independent from the connected type of machine, IT Professionals can fully focus on their core competencies.
  • Due to the facts that CNCnetPDM itself is no MES or ERP program, operates in the background and only bridges the gap between shop floor production resources and an IT solution it doesn’t compete with the vendors product.
  • CNCnetPDM delivers its data to a clearly defined interface.

If needed inventcom can carry out all tasks, from connecting the machinery to delivering all data to a defined interface for specific projects.


With CNCnetPDM the end user is able to connect the equipment delivered by a machine vendor to his existing MES, ERP or IT solution without the need to add additional hardware or pull cables through the machine.

  • The programming of the machine's controller doesn’t have to be modified
  • CNCnetPDM doesn’t access internal components of a machine such as the PLC with non-certified third party software drivers, the product remains unmodified as delivered to and accepted by the customer.
  • Hence, discussions about maintenance and warranty can be avoided in advance.

With CNCnetPDM machine manufacturers and vendors can offer seamless integration of their device with existing MES, ERP or IT solutions and deliver significant added value.




Type of program

Foreground program or background service

Number of machines

54 per program or service instance,
multiple instances can be installed on one PC

Polling interval

Adjustable in seconds (typ. 30 – 60 sec.)


Attachable graphical interface (GUI)


Data Acquisition

Machine States


Machine is up and produces parts


Machine is not in use and is available

Idle reason

Adjustable, only acquired when machine is in idle mode e.g. no work-order, no operator


Machine is not in use and is not available (machining interrupted)

Reason for down state

Adjustable, only acquired when machine is down e.g. Setup, Faulted


Machine is switched off

Part Counters

Cycles executed

Cumulative (Sum of all cycles executed) or
Incremental (Sum of cycles executed since last polling)

Number of Good-,
Scrap- or
Rework Pieces

Optional, if detectable by the machine

Work-Order Data


Number of the actual work order


Number of actual work order operation


Part number

Quality- & Process-Data


Value at the time of polling

Minimum - Maximum - Average

Minimal-, maximal- or average value since last polling


System Requirements


Operating system

All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems from XP (>= SP2) to Server 2016 (32 and 64 Bit)

Required memory

Min. 50 MB RAM per CNCnetPDM server-instance


Oracle 11g - 12c
MS SQL Server 2008 - 2016

MySQL MariaDB (Ver. >= 5.5)



PLC, PC or CNC Controller


Any interface accessible by an external IT device e.g.: Bluetooth, USB, Serial Interface, Ethernet or manufacturer specific network- or bus-systems



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Modified: 2021-08-09