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CNCnetPDM gathers machines states that are mutually exclusive and prioritized from the machine. The following chart shows states of a device acquired by CNCnetPDM during a shift:

Chart usage instructions

  • By moving the mouse over a specific state in the chart you can see details about the current state (Start, End, Cycles Performed or Sub State, if applicable).
  • You can exclude states by clicking on the states name in the legend.
  • The menu button on top in the middle allows you to export the chart in various formats.
  • To zoom into the chart move the mouse pointer into the chart, left click a start point and drag the mouse pointer to the desired end point.
  • The red line indicates the point in time where the last cycle was completed. The last cycle is followed by a manual mode (changeover time). The yellow background indicates the time that is classified as Runtime.

Machine states description

Integer value

Machine State

Machine State Description


Powered Off

This machine state has the lowest priority; the state is ended by all other states. The machine is switched or powered off.  Network communication to the machine’s controller is not possible.  NOTE: This state also signifies that no data has been received from the machine/controller for a pre-determined length of time.


Powered On

In case the machine states are queried in mode 1 this state means “Powered On”. In case a machine manufacturer specific protocol is used this state means “Powered On but controller core is not accessible” means machine is in a “Half Alive state”.  The machine’s network interface is functioning and can be “pinged”.  NOTE: When no control manufacturer’s API is available or when a machine control does not support an “Automatic Mode”, this state will be used to signify that the machine is “Up”.  


Auto Mode

As with mode "Powered Off" this mode is not counted as the primary machine state if a higher prioritized mode is active. Any cycle performed is counted as Part +1.  The machine is running a program that has not been halted (“paused” by the operator) and there is no error with machining stop (e.g., opening a door, resulting in an emergency stop).


Manual Mode

Includes all possible operation modes such as “Jog”, “Teach-In”, or “MDA" except "Automatic Mode". The machine is not faulted. As with other modes this mode is not counted as the primary machine state if a higher prioritized mode is active (e.g. machine is faulted).  This state is common during machine setup.


Interrupted Mode

Machine is in automatic mode but execution of program is interrupted, machine is not faulted. This state is active when for example the machine operator manually interrupts the program.  This state may also be active when a pre-determined cycle count limit is reached.


Mode Faulted

Machine is in any mode but “Edit”. This state is active when machining stops due to an error. This state is caused by any event that leads to a machining stop state such as "Alarm with machining stop".  Running out of bar stock makes this state active.


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Modified: 2023-12-01