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CNCnetPDM Condition Monitoring (CM) enables you to continuously monitor your equipment in near real-time. Apart from delivering a quick overview of all devices as shown below the solution allows detailed supervision of all process parameters reported by your machines.

Simply click on a machine in the overview report to see details.


  • Enables you to check the state of your equipment from anywhere in near real-time
  • Monitors device states and critical process parameters
  • Delivers actionable data in the appropriate context to responsible persons
  • Allows supervision of devices from different manufacturers with a single solution
  • Works on any device with an internet browser

  • Note: Data on this page is real data delivered by a CNCnetPDM background service instance with 4 Fanuc controllers, sampling rate is set to 3 seconds.

Please contact us for pricing, details and to get help with implementation

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Modified: 2018-07-23