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We released several important updates for CNCnetPDM, diagnostic tools and device drivers.

CNCnetPDM Ver.

Fixes an issue that caused the GUI to crash when trying to install a background service. The GUI was completely redesigned for better user experience. Improved MTConnect support for writing to Heidenhain controllers (PLC data & machine parameters). Decreased Memory usage and CPU utilization. The INI file can now be edited and saved while CNCnetPDM is running without being automatically reverted to its previous state by the service. The speed of processing offline-files can now be adjusted.

Release Notes:


Mitsubishi Device Drivers (Non-Citizen & Citizen) Ver.

Fixes an issue that caused the drivers to output status 'interrupted' although the machine was producing.

Upgrade (Non-Citizen):

Upgrade (Citizen):

Mitsubishi GUI Programs (Non Citizen & Citizen) Ver.

The GUI was completely redesigned for better performance and user experience.

Release Notes:

Heidenhain Device Driver Ver.

Fixes an issue that caused incorrect ouput of PLC dword data from older TNC 426 and 430 controllers. Enables writing and changing of PLC data and machine parameters by external applications.

Release Notes:

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