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Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center (MOC)

MOC is a transformational solution for operations that provides increased visibility of the shop floor. Built on next generation architecture, MOC resides between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the shop floor to integrate the periodic and transactional world of ERP with real-time, fragmented shopfloor manufacturing equipment. As manufacturers drive towards operational excellence, more sophisticated operational analytics can be adopted with standardized, simplified integration across the enterprise, shop floor and ERP systems.


MOC connects to your existing infrastructure on the plant floor, gathers raw data and builds business context by leveraging information available in various ERP and MES applications and converts it into useful information for business users. The solution enables you to monitor production operations in real-time and provides data and analytics infrastructure for running Lean and 6-Sigma Continuous Improvement programs.


Contextualize Plant Floor Data and Synchronize with ERP

MOC provides a unique abstraction layer between ERP and the shop floor and continuously collects high-resolution operational data and adds meaningful business context such as work order/recipe, customer order, date and time, and other operational details. In addition, it enables the contextualized transactional data to be synchronized with ERP, eliminating manual data entry and reducing human errors and inaccuracies. Raw data becomes actionable information.

Provide Real-Time Intelligence for Plant Operations

MOC enables you to better monitor production performance in real-time. By utilizing role-based user-friendly dashboards, any user can easily view the most relevant information such as Throughput, Availability, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness, aso. MOC enables drill down through the equipment, product, and time hierarchies for root cause analysis.

Leverage Next Generation Manufacturing Operations Architecture

MOC is built on a next generation manufacturing operations architecture that is open, scalable and extensible. It leverages the latest in Oracle's Fusion Middleware technology including components as Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture Suite and Oracle data integration tools.

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Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center | Description | Data Sheet

Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center (MOC) Today's leading manufacturers demand insight into real-time shop floor performance. Rapid analysis of equipment performance and... [read more]
Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center | Description | Data Sheet
Modified: 2016-09-20