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On 10/22/2018 we released several updates for bidirectional communication with Heidenhain TNC and iTNC controllers:

Heidenhain Device Driver

This enhanced device driver can now read up to 35 items per reading cycle. Reading and writing of PLC data and machine parameters by your own applications is supported. Cutter position can be acquired. Conversion of PLC data from older TNC 426 and 430 controllers to match the output shown at the controller is included.

Upgrade instructions:

Read PLC Data

This GUI program enables to scan adjustable ranges of Heidenhain PLC addresses in different areas and output their values. It also allows to search the PLC for target values. A data conversion function for older TNC 426 and 430 devices is available.


Write PLC Data & Machine Parameters

In addition to reading this application allows writing PLC data and machine parameters to Heidenhain controllers. This is ideal for testing write access to machines before activation of this feature via the device driver.


Note: If you'd like to write data to Heidenhain controllers by your own application or you use Siemens Sinumerik OPC Classic or UA drivers please upgrade to the latest version of CNCnetPDM (

Release notes:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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