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Yesterday, on 6/8/2017 we released CNCnetPDM This version fixes some issues experienced by users when CNCnetPDM is used without a database or in case the database connection gets lost. Security and stability improvements were also applied. As always, we welcome your feedback. Release Notes can be found here:


CNCnetPDM.exe (6/8/2017)

Incomplete, garbled messages that sometimes (esp. under Windows XP) led to crashes are automatically detected and filtered out.

erpinterface.dll (6/8/2017)

Database connectivity components were redesigned. Message fragments are now automatically filtered out. Occasional crashes when closing the programs are resolved.

cncinterface.dll (6/8/2017)

Message fragments are now automatically filtered out.

Note: To update an existent setup of CNCnetPDM you just have to stop the service, replace the files in the setup directory of CNCnetPDM with the 3 files listed above from the zip archive and restart the service.


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