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For Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) CNCnetPDM enables you to monitor machine-, process- and quality-data in near real time and deliver it to your business information systems. It also allows to control connected devices directly from your applications. A single instance of CNCnetPDM can simultaneously communicate with PLCs from different vendors and output their data in comparable, standardized form.


CNCnetPDM PLC IOT Interfaces

CNCnetPDM IoT interfaces for Programmable Logic Controllers

In general CNCnetPDM can be used with any PLC or electronic device that is connected to your company network by Ethernet and supports Modbus TCP protocol in server mode.


With CNCnetPDM you can

  • Add MTConnect, OPC UA and database support to existing PLC devices
  • Control PLCs from remote locations by using standardized commands
  • Acquire and output data from equipment from different vendors by a single solution
  • Retrofit legacy machines by adding inexpensive PLCs modules and output their data to Business Information Systems TOP


GUI program to read and write data from/to PLCs and electronic devices from different manufacturers.


CNCnetPDM device driver for monitoring, control and output of PLC data.


Release Notes


Retrofit of a conventional machine with MTConnect, OPC UA and SQL database functionality at costs under 100 € TOP

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Support | PLC Devices | Release Notes

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Modified: 2021-08-28