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We released a device driver for CNCnetPDM that enables simultaneous monitoring of PLCs from different manufacturers by a single solution.

mbus.DLL (7/16/2021)

Fully adjustable device driver that reads the status of bits (coils), digital or analog inputs and/or register data from remote PLCs and outputs it to MTConnect, OPC UA and/or various SQL databases. Allows remote control of these devices via MTConnect compatible programs or our Open Source Client.
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We released ModbusGui, a graphical application that allows reading and writing of data from/to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Can also be used with a cost free PLC software simulator.

ModbusGui.exe (7/16/2021)

Reads status (0/1) of single or multiple bits (coils), physical digital/analog inputs and data of holding registers from PLCs and electronic devices with Ethernet connection and Modbus protocol support. Sets status and register values at remote devices.
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Modified: 2021-07-19