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All production flow in the grasp The Palfinger group ranks world-wide among the largest manufacturers of hydraulic elevation, charge and handling systems. For the monitoring and documentation of complete production flows Palfinger sought after a solution which should store all productions processes in a central data base and analyse them afterwards. The special challenge thereby was that for the production of an individual part a broad spectrum of machines is used, by the welding robot over varnish facilities up to manual work places. Palfinger decided finally for CNCnetPDM of inventcom there this technology has crucial advantages compared with commercial machine data logging systems:

  • By the possibility of CNCnetPDM to directly transform informations of the machine into network data packets the requirement for the acquisition of machine data collection terminals or other special devices escaped which the expense on capital assets strongly decreased.
  • By the omission of the terminals also the installation expenditure was reduced to a minimum.
  • Since CNCnetPDM can practically transform each technical activity into a homogeneous data format also manual workplaces could simply be merged into the collection process by retrofitting them with economical sensors.
  • By those online of the CNCnetPDM programming which can be learnt simply substantial parts of the plants could be taken and adapted by coworkers by Palfinger in enterprise.

With the finished plant, the seized data under most diverse criteria can be evaluated apart from the possibility for the current condition monitoring. Thus on-line can be supervised both the order progress as well as the individual periods of operation and operating cost of the machines and be made available for commercial applications.

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