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Of the customer order directly into the machine BÖHLERIT GmbH. & Co. KG with the seat in Kapfenberg (Austria) is integrated into the Leitz company association (LMT) as a centre for cutting substances. The company belongs to the leading circle worldwide of the manufacturers of carbide metals and tools for the metal processing and woodworking. Besides a broad programme at high-quality cutting substances Böhlerit also produces special tools after customer specification. For the production of the special tools individual work programs had to be created for every part by the measures provided from the customer. This required effortful geometric computing before the production.

  • For the automation of this process Inventcom has developed a procedure for Böhlerit which generates the work programs for these complex parts with the dimension ordered by the customer fully automatically. This technology makes the split-second programming of custom-designed parts possible with the dates of the order saved in the ERP system.
  • For the efficient communication of the machines with the Ethernet TCP/IP standard network inventcom replaced an expired system with control units in the complete production by CNCnetPDM network connections. With CNCnet the central master computers can be directly accessed by the operating panel of the machine.
  • As a further unusual feature a solution for the direct network connection of 25 interface less Agathon machines was developed by inventcom. To this the expired cartridge drives were emulated software technically and provided with a network protocol on the side of the machine.

Besides the possibility for the maintenance of the complete production network by the EDP of ones own department, extensions and rearrangements of the plant can be run through the uniform network structure effortlessly now.

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