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Machining centres as 'SAP operators'

The worldwide well-known Swiss CELLPACK AG with seat in Wohlen develops and manufactures units from technical plastics in its plastics engineering division. The production of finished parts from customer drawings is carried out to the required quality and precision by milling on state-of-the-art CNC production machines. By the enterprise-wide use of the commercial standard software SAP R/3 Cellpack owns a modern, trend-setting ERP solution for the completion of all business processes. A substantial component for setting up a valuable management information system for sales and production planning is the availability of actual production data.

  • For the solution of this task Cellpack uses Inventcom's CNCnetPDM technology which accomplishes the automatic registration and check out of work orders at ultramodern multi-pallet processing centres that can also operate unattended.
  • The registration and check out of work orders is made by the machine controllers themselves, where the current work order is identified by the currently loaded NC Program and outputted by the controller.
  • The work order messages are sent via the machine's network connection directly to a network computer that processes and transmits, over a background service, the work orders including qualified timestamps to the ERP solution.
  • Due to the fact that CNCnetPDM utilizes the standard network interface of the machine it's also possible to transmit NC Programs from and to the NC Programming System simultaneously.

The solution is characterized particularly by the fact that at the shop floor area no additional hardware or PC's are needed - which makes the solution easy to service apart from an ideal price performance ratio.

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Modified: 2013-08-10