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On Wednesday August 12 2020 we released an updated version of our universal device driver for Fanuc controllers (fanucconf.dll Version The following additional functions are now available:

  • Read NC-Program comments e.g. 'Part 133 Version A' for O455 (Part 133 Version A)
  • Read spindle load meter or motor speed
  • Read servo load meter data
  • Read up to 20 different alarms per controller
  • Read P-Macro variable values
  • Read detailed alarm messages in case there is an alarm

Functions overview

To enable you to test all functions we also released an updated version of our diagnostic tool for Fanuc controllers (fanucdatagui.exe Version which is available here:

Fanuc release notes can be found here:

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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Modified: 2020-08-13