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We released an updated version of our CNCnetPDM IIoT Adapter for Haas machines that adds new features and enhances compatibility with MS Windows 11 and Server 2022 Operating Systems (up to version 23H2).

HAAS.DLL (11/19/2023)

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On October 1st 2022 we released a GUI program that enables reading and writing of data via Ethernet from/to machines equipped with Haas Standard or Next Generation Controls (NGC). We also released a CNCnetPDM device driver for Haas machines that allows monitoring of Machine-, Quality- and Process-Data in near real-time and output to SQL-Databases, MTConnect or OPC UA.

HAASDATA.EXE (10/1/2022)

Outputs typical machine data from Haas Standard or NGC controls. Reads and writes System and Macro-Variables from/to Haas machines.

Program Download

HAAS.DLL (10/1/2022)

CNCnetPDM device driver for monitoring of Haas machines equipped with Standard or NGC controls.

  • Note: Newer Haas NGC controls (build year > 2016) may be equipped with an MTConnect Adapter. In this case you can alternatively use our MTConnect Agent program to test access to the device and our MTConnect device driver for monitoring. Of course you can mix controls with and without an MTConnect Adapter on a single PC.

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Modified: 2023-11-19