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CNCnetPDM for Okuma machines allows you to acquire machine-, process and quality-data in near real time and output it to an OPC UA compliant server, various databases, MTConnect compatible applications or business information systems.

Collected Okuma Data Items*

  • Availability
  • Controller Mode
  • OEE Machine State
  • Part Count
  • Execution Mode
  • Program -> Name, Line, Line Label, Block, Header, Message, Sub, Edit, Edit Name
  • Equipment Mode –> Loaded, Rapid, Tapping
  • Emergency Stop
  • Alarms & Conditions – Travel, System, Logic, Motion, Coolant, Hydraulic, Lubrication, and Pneumatic
  • Spindle –> Speed, Rotary, Load, Override, Direction, Mode, Actual and Programmed Velocity
  • Axis –> Actual and Programmed Position/Angle, Load, Speed, Path Position
  • Status -> Active Axes, Loaded, Rapid, Tapping
  • Feed Rate –> Actual, Commanded, Override
  • Rapid Override
  • Tool – Number, Standby, ID
  • Single Block
  • Dry Run
*The data items that can be acquired are dependent on the machine type (Lathe, Machining-Center or Grinder) and the model of your controller.

Data acquisition from Okuma machines is possible if their controllers are connected to your company network via Ethernet and have the Okuma MTConnect Adapter installed which is standard for all Okuma OSP-P controllers starting with OSP-P 100.

CNCnetPDM OKUMA IoT Interfaces

Okuma IoT Interfaces




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Modified: 2021-03-27