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CNC/PMC Data Window Library is used for exchanging data and information between a personal computer and the CNC/PMC through the HSSB or the Ethernet (TCP/IP).

The CNC/PMC Data window library described in this manual can be executed under the following OS(Operation System).

  • FOCAS1 : Windows 95, 98, Windows NT4.0 (Service Pack 4 or later), Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional
  • FOCAS2 : Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional

It can be used together with FA Library for DNC1/Ethernet because FOCAS1/Ethernet uses the same protocol as DNC1/Ethernet. And the libraries for the HSSB version and the Ethernet version can be used at the same time, too.

The main features of the library are as follows.

  1. CNC: Reading/writing data related to controlled axes/spindle

    This data includes the absolute position, relative position, machine position, remaining distance to go, actual feedrate, etc.

  2. CNC: Operations related to CNC program

    Operations include upload/download, verification, search, and deletion of CNC programs, read CNC program directory, and DNC operation from the pesonal computer.

  3. CNC: Reading/writing CNC file data

    This data includes tool offset data, workpiece reference point offset data, parameters, settings, custom macro variables, P-code macro variables, and pitch error compensation data.

  4. CNC: Reading/writing tool life management data
  5. CNC: Reading history data

    This data includes operation history data and alarm history data.

  6. CNC: Reading servo/spindle data
  7. CNC: Reading/writing data related to Data Server, DNC1, DNC2, OSI-Ethernet (HSSB version only)
  8. CNC: Reading/writing waveform diagnosis data
  9. CNC: Reading/writing data related to PUNCH PRESS CNC
  10. CNC: Reading/writing data related to LASER CNC
  11. CNC: Reading/writing data related to servo learning data (HSSB version only)
  12. CNC: Reading/writing of other data

    This data includes continuous-state data, diagnostic data, A/D conversion data, alarm information, and operator messages, etc.

  13. PMC: Reading/writing data related to PMC

    This data includes addresses G, F, Y, X, A, R, T, C, and D, extended backup memory.

  14. PMC: Reading/writing data related to PROFIBUS-DP

For details of each function, please refer to the contents of specification.

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Modified: 2018-06-10