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We released several new and updated software tools and CNCnetPDM device drivers for machines equipped with Mitsubishi controllers from Citizen, Mazak and other vendors that allow reading, writing and monitoring of data from a remote PC.

Read and Write Commands

The new tools MitsubishiCommands for machines with Mitsubishi CNCs from vendors other than Citizen or Mazak and CitizenCommands for Citizen and Mazak machines enable you to perform reading and writing operations by using all available commands for these devices.

Acquire Machine- and Process Data

For machines with Mitsubishi CNCs from Citizen or Mazak or other vendors updated versions of our programs to read machine- and process data are also available. They now additionally output up to 10 currently active alarms sorted by priority, the active block number of the NC program and it's content.

Machine Monitoring and Control

We also released updated versions of our CNCnetPDM device drivers for data monitoring of machines with Mitsubishi CNCs from Citizen and Mazak and other vendors. In addition to writing of data to controllers by using your own application both drivers now support acquisition of up to 10 current alarms sorted by priority.

Mitsubishi Standard Release notes:

Citizen and Mazak Mitsubishi Release notes:

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Modified: 2020-10-06