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In addition to a new version of CNCnetPDM with useful enhancements several updated versions of device drivers are also available.

CNCnetPDM (1/15/2018)

The program now supports sampling rates down to one second. This enables you to monitor your equipment in near real time. To avoid that CNCnetPDM tries to initialize switched-off devices too often we added a new entry to CNCnetPDM.ini.

CNCnetPDM now also is able to write to an additional database table that only keeps the most recent data from each device. This is ideal for monitoring. You can use this table only or together with the raw data table that stores all data. An updated version of CNCnetControl that provides better visibility and support for ultra-short sampling rates is also included.

Release Notes:


An updated device driver for Fanuc controllers with enhanced functions to free mamory and cleanup communication handles on shutdown is also available. Your commands in device INI files are now read case insensitive.

Release Notes:


The drivers for machines from Citizen or Mazak and machines from other vendors now both output correct OEE machine states and part counter values. Cumulative counting with taking into account possible resets by the machine operator is also included. Commands in device INI files are now also read case insensitive.

Release Notes:
Device Driver for machines other than from Citizen or Mazak
Device Driver for Citizen and Mazak machines

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