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An updated version of CNCnet PDM ( with proper support for MySQL and MariaDB databases (Version >= 5.5) is available for download. As Data Types in MySQL and MariaDB differ from Oracle we created an own page with database and table setup instructions. We also added setup instructions for CNCnetPDM database connectivity to these products.

Database & table setup:

CNCnetPDM database connectivity:


Version of erpinterface.dll now supports all product-specific 'select', 'insert' and 'update' commands for MySQL and MariaDB databases. Mixing of machine data with work-orders, items and parts from solutions for operational data acquisition as well as detection of an active shift for specific devices is also included.

Appart from using the correct UDL file in section [Connect] of CNCnetPDM.ini 'DB_TYPE = 3' has to be used for MySQL and MariaDB databases:

Setup CNCnetPDM.ini for MySQL and MariaDB:

Note: For users of CNCnetPDM it is sufficient to just exchange erpinterface.dll with the most recent version

Release Notes:


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