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Today, on 4/20/2017 we released fanucext.dll, an enhanced version of the original Fanuc device driver for CNCnetPDM. In addition to machine states and part counter values this driver enables you to acquire the following items:

Machine state number
Machine state text
Controller mode number
Controller mode text
Current NC program
Main NC program
Current sequence
Actual feed rate
Actual spindle speed
Alarm status number
Axis position + axis number (multiple values, up to 7 axes)
Tool Id (read via modal function)
Tool id (read via parameter)
Alarm number (if any)
Alarm text

All items can be dynamically activated and configured on a per machine basis by an ini file that is automatically created on startup of CNCnetPDM. Release Notes can be found here:

FanucEXT.DLL (4/20/2017)

Enhanced device driver for machines with Focas enabled Fanuc controllers. Download


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