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For Mazak CNC machines CNCnetPDM enables you to acquire machine-, process and quality-data in near real time and output it to various databases, MTConnect compatible applications or business information systems.

In general data acquisition from Mazak machines is possible if their controllers are connected to your company network via Ethernet and have the MTConnect option installed and setup correctly. Adaptable devices can be found in our list of supported Mazak Mazatrol & Matrix controllers.

CNCnetPDM MAZAK IoT Interfaces

Mazak IoT Interfaces



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Support | Mazak | Release Notes

(11/19/2023) We released an updated version of our CNCnetPDM IIoT Adapter for Mazak machines with Mazatrol and Matrix controllers that adds new features and enhances... [read more]
Support | Mazak | Release Notes

Support | Mazak | Machine Data

To report Mazak machine data to your applications you have to be able to acquire it from your devices. For Mazak machines equipped with Mazatrol & Matrix controllers that are... [read more]
Support | Mazak | Machine Data

Support | Mazak | Device Driver

The CNCnetPDM Mazak MTConnect device driver allows monitoring of machine- process- and quality-data in near real time from Mazatrol & Matrix controllers equipped with a Mazak... [read more]
Support | Mazak | Device Driver
Modified: 2023-11-28