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inventcom GmbH | Nordendstrasse 55 | DE - 80801 Munich | Germany
T: +49 89 121903-19 | F: +49 89 121903-21
E-Mail: info[at]
Registration Court: Munich | HRB 228712

VAT Identification Number: DE 308773164 Responsible person: Martin Wieland

  • Notices regarding Copy-, Patent- and Trademark Rights: Copyright (c) Inventcom and/or licensers, 1990-2019. All rights reserved. The word CNCnet is a registered trademark of Inventcom. Please read the guideline for the usage of trademarks of Inventcom before using a logo or a brand name of Inventcom.
  • Products and services of inventom may contain intellectual properties protected by or licensed under one or more of the following patents: EP 1120696, AT 1002000, EP 1120695, AT 992000, AT 413246, AT 410376, DE 29503417U, US9642176, US9602507, US9558130, US9547606, US9529740, US9325559, US9323914, US9009817, US9465624, US9396147, US9292455, US9213668, US9141564, US8935434, US9386620, US9191981, US8797855, US9483421, US9122623, US8825911, US8554957, US8819299, US8554956. See also: Recently granted US Patents

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Inventcom is headquartered in Germany and has a regional office in Germany. To contact us you can either send us an email, click the [More Information] button and fill out the... [read more]
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Company | Information | About us

CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY Aim of our activity is the development of solutions that allow connection, control and supervision of machines, sensors, control constituents and facilities... [read more]
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Privacy Information inventcom GmbH, Nordendstrasse 55, DE-80801 Munich (hereafter called ‘inventcom’) herewith informs about the processing of personal data for which... [read more]

Company | Information | End User License Agreement for Inventcom Software

This End-User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Inventcom for software developed by Inventcom or its suppliers,... [read more]

Company | Information | Terms and Conditions for Support Services

1 General Inventcom develops specialist software for the integration of technical devices with EDP. 1.1 The following terms apply to all Software Services and Software Service... [read more]
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