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For Heidenhain TNC and iTNC controllers CNCnetPDM enables you to acquire and monitor machine-, process- and quality-data and integrate it seamlessly with your business information systems. It also allows to write and change parameters on these devices.

In general data acquisition from a remote PC is possible from Heidenhain TNC 426, 430, 320, 620, 640 and iTNC 530 controllers that have an Ethernet network connection. A list of all controllers supported by CNCnetPDM can be found here. Communication with these devices is performed via the LSV 2 protocol.

Data that can be collected from these devices by CNCnetPDM includes:

  • Controller information (TNC type, NC and PLC version)
  • Program information (program path and name)
  • Actual NC Program block number
  • Execution mode
  • Program running state
  • Override information
  • Axis data (number of axes, current position)
  • Tool information (number, index, axis, length, radius)
  • PLC data (programmed & actual speed, programmed & actual feed rate, voltage and temperature information...) TOP

CNCnetPDM also enables;

  • Event driven file transfer to and from Heidenhein TNCs
  • Writing and modification of parameters and PLC data TOP

Please use our tool Heidenhein TNC Machine Data to test data collection from your machines with Heidenhain TNC and iTNC controllers. Instructions on controller setup are also included.

Monitoring of machine data with sampling rates down to 1 second is provided by our Heidenhain TNC Device Driver. All acquired data can easily be accessed and used by your applications.

For bidirectional communication between machines with Heidenhain controllers and your applications you can use our free Open Source Client (C-Sharp) TOP


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For Heidenhain TNC and iTNC controllers CNCnetPDM enables you to acquire and monitor machine-, process- and quality-data. Seamless integration of the data with your business... [read more]
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Modified: 2018-08-01