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The Inventcom Installation Service provides you with on-site setup of your machine - MES ERP integration solution by a certified engineer. The engineer will configure, connect and perform an acceptance test of the participating components to ensure a timely and fully functional deployment of your system.

Service may include the following tasks

  • Customer kick-off meeting
  • Technical site readiness validation checklist
  • Setup of network functionality for designated machines
  • Adjust parameters for data aquisition background service according to machine / controller manufacturer guidelines
  • Configure necessary machine parameters per requirements
  • Setup and configure database connectivity of the ERP solution
  • Configure equipment per a Statement Of Work (SOW)
  • Test connectivity through installed equipment
  • Customer acceptance checklist


Our Installation Service improves relative installation interval and time-to-profitability by leveraging Inventcom's expertise and resources. This service reduces the operational and capital costs by utilizing Inventcom's highly specialized personnel and tools.

Deliverables may include

  • Progress reports
  • Customized documents as agreed upon by both customer and Inventcom
  • Prerequisite Network configured per customer specifications
  • Inventcom Field Engineers


The Inventcom consultant is an expert in Inventcom products and solutions. If required, other experts may be involved in the audit, depending on the size and components or the architecture to be audited.


Because cost varies by number and type of machines, type and version of your ERP Software, and your individual system requirements, please contact us to go over your individual setup. We will then use this information to provide a quote for your consideration.

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Modified: 2023-11-24