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CNCnetPDM for Profiling Lines enables to enhance control on quality parameters, improve operating results and determine and analyze key figures of the shop floor.

CNCnetPDM connects machines like Sheet Metalforming machines, Induction Furnaces, Flow drilling machines or Welding positioners seamlessly with ERP MES f.i. Pronto Software (Pronto Software), Jeeves (Jeeves Information Systems AB), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) (Microsoft) or Intacct Intacct and Intacct Accountant Edition and delivers consistent information Customer, Sales Order Request Date, Equipment Standard Rate or Production Loss due to Other Reasons (Hours) in real time.



  • Powerful Connects highly diverse machines directly with MES & ERP.
  • Cost effective Does not require additional hardware at the machine.
  • Secure Changes of the programming of the machine are not necessary.
  • Rapidly implementable Can entirely be installed and maintained from a remote location.


  • ALMORE Optical profiles, ARDCOR 11 STAND 2F, ARDCOR FR-20436, ARISA Perforation Line, AUSTRALIAN Wall panels, BOXER ROLL FORMER, BSG JAGER production line, CBM Roll forming line, CONTOUR Rafted, CR ELECTRONIC Linae, CR ELECTRONIC Strada, DIBALEX 50-110, DIMECO 2330 M, DIMECO-CHANTIN 2350 BF, DREISTERN , DREISTERN Profiling for ceilings, DURMECH HEAVY DUTY Cold strip slitting line, EICHNER Roll forming line, ERLING JENSEN B8 200 MEC, FRECH decoilingandstraightening, GASPARINI Corrugated sheets, GRET 160 x 2mm, HELLER , HOWIAL HVP20 1 for laminatedbeam, JENSEN PROFILVALSVERK B6 200and3xB3 400-I-450HY, JIDET Binnendozen, JMG punching-press line, LOCKFORM 9 stations, MARIANI Corrugated pl-, MGM AND COLOMBO Profiling Punch line, NICRO cable production plant, OTTERLOO RO-CK-40, POLYMATIC cnc punching line, PROFILE LINE - SANDWICH PANEL LINE for industrial sectional gates, PROFILING-LINE ZM, RAS , RAS 24-2 - C and Omega-profiles, RIBOLDI M104-15, SCHLATTER LINE for Radiators Production, SPIRO 1602 spiraltubes, STAALKABELFABRIEK , STAM , TEAP BAND FEEDING LINE, TISHKEN 16MW-2, VERSONANDDIMECO 200GP2120, WATANABE N-N-, WHM 17 MK 2, WHM 21 RSM, WHM 29 MP, WHM 51FS, YODER M-2 Inox buizen, YODER M3, ZM straightening cutting,

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