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CNCnetPDM for Other Eccentric presses enables to improve operating results, acquire the correct part time and enhance the plant floor specific key figures of the shop floor.

CNCnetPDM connects machines like Presses mechanical, Fine Blanking Presses, Other Eccentric presses or Duplex milling machines seamlessly with ERP MES f.i. CGI Advantage (CGI Group formerly American Management Systems), DEACOM ERP (Deacom), Rapid Response Manufacturing (ProfitKey International) or Tally.ERP 9 (Tally Solutions) and delivers consistent information Equipment Scheduled Time (Hours), Equipment Scrapped Quantity, Shift Actual Production or Work Order Actual Start Date in real time.



  • Powerful Connects highly diverse machines directly with MES & ERP.
  • Cost effective Does not require additional hardware at the machine.
  • Secure Changes of the programming of the machine are not necessary.
  • Rapidly implementable Can entirely be installed and maintained from a remote location.


  • ARISA arcade, BALCONI MTRS L 100, BALCONI MTRS L 150, BALCONI MTRS L 200, BALCONI MTRS-L 50, BOSCH - TABLE PRESS 3 5 KN 0480 001 001, COTELLI P 200 FRL, DANLEY MODEL 75, ERFURT - TRY-OUT PRESS PYxTUS 50-1 2800, ERFURT arcade avec coussin, EXCENTERPRESS AROS 40TON WITH 1000MM GAP , KORADI BSA2 PZ, MANZONI , MARCATI TON-200, MINALI CIF 200, MUELLER - TRY-OUT PRESS ZAE 50, MUELLER - TRY-OUT PRESS ZAE 50-40H, PRECISION INDUSTRIES 45N-OBI, RASKIN arcade avec coussin, REIS - TRY-OUT PRESS TUS 125 OK 200, RHODES WAKEFIELD LTD RF 100, ROSS 200 T, ROVETTA - TRY-OUT PRESS PSM 150 3000 x1800-3, SCHULER P2K2S 500 1 5, SPIERTZ 300 T triple effet, SPIERTZ 320 T triple effet, SPIERTZ arcade avec coussin, SPIERTZ triple effet, STANKO F1734, STANKO F1736, WEINGARTEN arcade, WEINGARTEN arcade avec coussin, ZANI AF 300,

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