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CNCnetPDM for Column Single Action Presses enables to analyze productive times, to consistently monitor processes and improve transparency of the shop floor.

CNCnetPDM connects machines like Presses hydraulic, Wiring and spring coiling machines, Furnaces 1050-1500 C or Gear Tooth Chamfering Pointing and Rounding Machines seamlessly with ERP MES f.i. Openda QX (Openda), Pronto Software (Pronto Software), NetSuite (NetSuite Inc.) or Activant acquired by Epicor) and delivers consistent information ?Equipment First Time Good Quantity, First Pass yield, Sales Order Line Number or Equipment Scheduled Quantity in real time.



  • Powerful Connects highly diverse machines directly with MES & ERP.
  • Cost effective Does not require additional hardware at the machine.
  • Secure Changes of the programming of the machine are not necessary.
  • Rapidly implementable Can entirely be installed and maintained from a remote location.


  • BIRDSBORO 1000 TON, BRET 500 T, BVH upstroke, CAJOROMI GUIDE-IT 2 S, CEWE N-N-, CIBLAT , CLEARING 50 T coussin, CLEARING DS 550, COMESSA PHM 1000, DAKE 18-439, DAKE 25 H, DAKE 27-459, DAKE 27-540, DAKE 27-551, DIEFFENBACHER PU 5 330 A, DIEFFENBACHER PU 5330 A, EMIDECEAU 160 T, FANAL 18 ton, FIELDING AND PLATT downstroke, FJELLMAN 570 ton, FRECH TP 630-20, GALDABINI RSAC 250, HENRY BERRY downstroke, HENRY BERRY upstroke, HYDRAULIC CHESTER downstroke, HYMAG HDP 1000, INTER HYDRO 150 T, INTER HYDRO MC 100A, JOHANNESSEN AND LUND 4-Pilari 65, JOHN SHAW 130 T, LAGAN QMC 250, LAWTON Up-Acting, LBM MEB 250, LEOPIDA CF 120, LMF , LOCATELLI T 75 4C, LOIRE 1200 T coussin, LVD 120 T, LVD 200 T coussin, LVD HSPP 64, MEYER A 4 - 80 300, MULLER - WEINGARTEN KE 100 - 28 21-1-4, MULLER - WEINGARTEN KE 250 - 28 21-1-4, MULLER 1000 T coussin, MULLER 315 T coussin, NEI-WELLMAN upstroke, NN , N-N- N-N-, OEVERMANN VP-P-200, PDG 140 T coussin, PINETTE 70 T, PPF 100 T, RHODES 20 TON FOUR PILLAR PRESS, SCHEU 30 TON, SMG DS 160, SOMUA 500 T coussin, SPIERTZ 100 T, STENHOEJ 200TPC, STENHOEJ 300 T-50-895, VERSON downstroke, VREMAC , VREMAC 200 T, VREMAC 80 T, WALTER NEFF , WANZKE HYDRAULIC SPS 63 Nr-100346-3,

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