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CNCnetPDM for Die-forging hammers enables to view conditions of production ressources, enhance the plant floor specific key figures and analyze production loss of the shop floor.

CNCnetPDM connects machines like Hammers, Self Aligning Rotators, Vertical milling machines or Crankshaft and Cam milling machines seamlessly with ERP MES f.i. BatchMaster ERP (BatchMaster Software), SYSPRO (Syspro), BatchMaster ERP (BatchMaster Software) or Ramco e.Applications (Ramco Systems) and delivers consistent information Actual Down Time (Hours), Manufacturing Performance to scheduled ship date, Work Order Planned material Usage Quantity or Equipment Standard Rate in real time.



  • Powerful Connects highly diverse machines directly with MES & ERP.
  • Cost effective Does not require additional hardware at the machine.
  • Secure Changes of the programming of the machine are not necessary.
  • Rapidly implementable Can entirely be installed and maintained from a remote location.


  • B CH 1 5 ton, HUTA ZIGMUNT MPM 10000B, HUTA ZIGMUNT Mpm 3150, MPM , SMEEDHAMER 120 kg,

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