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CNCnetPDM for Plastic Injection Moulders enables to view conditions of production ressources, improve visibility into manufacturing performance and find out the error rate of the shop floor.

CNCnetPDM connects machines like Die casting machines, Involute Testers, Wire straightening and cutting-off machines or Other Hydraulic Presses seamlessly with ERP MES f.i. IFS Applications (Industrial and Financial Systems), Rapid Response Manufacturing (ProfitKey International), Openda QX (Openda) or Acumatica Cloud ERP (Acumatica) and delivers consistent information Production Backlog Hours, Actual Run time (Hours), Customer or Actual Available Time (Hours) in real time.



  • Powerful Connects highly diverse machines directly with MES & ERP.
  • Cost effective Does not require additional hardware at the machine.
  • Secure Changes of the programming of the machine are not necessary.
  • Rapidly implementable Can entirely be installed and maintained from a remote location.


  • ARBURG 170 CMD 150-45 Allrounder, ARBURG 270V-300-120 Allrounder, ARBURG A 270 C 300-80, AUSTEN ALLEN Gnat 250 PRT, BATTENFELD 800 315CDC, BATTENFELD BA 750 315, BATTENFELD BA 950 V 125 H, BATTENFELD BA250CDC, BATTENFELD PLUS 250 50, BOY 50 T BOY 50 T, BOY GMBH 15 S V V, BUTLER , CINCINNATI FN 5000, CINCINNATI MILACRON VL-4000-413, DEMAG D 200 - 452, DEMAG D 85-275, DEMAG DZ175-452H 150LNC3, DEMAG ERGO TECH 35 120, ENGEL 450-93, ENGEL ES2000 500, ENGEL ES330 70HL, ENGEL ES500 125, ENGEL ES700 200, ENGEL ES80 195, ENGEL ES80 35HL, ENGEL TL1050H 330L 200V 300, FERROMATIK MILACRON Electra 50 S, HTW , HUSKY XL 400 P HUSKY XL 400 P, JSW J200ELII, JSW J95ELII, KAP INSERTJECT 15 25 P, KAWAGUCHI KM360B2, KLOECKNER - WINDSOR W 450-12-12-2 K, KRAUSS MAFFEI KM-350-2300B, KRAUSS-MAFFEI KM 120-460 B, KRAUSS-MAFFEI KM 150-620 B, KRAUSS-MAFFEI KM 800 5000 MC 2, NISSEI FN4000, NISSEI FN4000-36A, REED 200 TG, SUPERMAX YCM 90 TG, TECHNE 10000Twin Coextrusion, TOSHIBA ISF60PV10-1-5b, VAN DORN 230 HT, VAN DORN 500HT 4300, VAN DORN 85 RS 5F HT, VAN DORN HT 170-RD-8F,

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